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Begoña Tomas Navarro

Consultant, UK

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Begoña Tomas Navarro

Consultant, UK

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1What’s different about Berkeley for you?

Berkeley’s culture stands out. Everyone here is genuine and unique, while simultaneously having many common interests and experiences that make us feel close to each other.

There is a great sense of respect for the individual and our own circumstances. We are encouraged to bring our whole selves to work and support each other along the way, which feels very refreshing.

This culture naturally transfers to and benefits our clients. Same as with our employees, understanding our clients and doing the right thing for them is the backbone of Berkeley. Berkeley is an organisation where the values are very clear and very present in our day-to-day interactions.

2What types of engagements excite you the most?

My main experience to date has been in delivering complex technology transformations for clients in a variety of industries. I have always been amazed by how the latest technology developments very often provide solutions to quite challenging business problems, hence I find working on IT strategy design and subsequent implementation very appealing. The complexities and singularities of these types of transformations make them super interesting to me.

However, technology transformations without considering the human aspects of the organisation often don’t deliver the expected outcomes. Seeing this first-hand has made me also become very interested in change management as well as in operating model design.

3What are you passionate about in life?

Since I became a mum, my two daughters have become my passion. Currently, I am focused on raising my children in the most loving, nurturing, and safest environment that I can provide to them. I also work on giving them plenty of opportunities to explore and discover their own passions. I am in awe every time I witness a milestone in their development when they come to me with their reflections or worries when they make each other laugh… they both make every day different and truly special.

Becoming a mother has also made me reflect on the world I want to leave behind for my children when I am gone. The two key issues that worry me the most are climate change and protecting women’s rights. I keep myself informed about the latest in these two topics and we have been for a long-time taking steps to minimise our impact on our planet by reducing animal product consumption and reducing plastic waste.