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Portfolio management

Change activity is becoming increasingly intricate and interconnected. Our consultants can help you manage your overall portfolio to meet your strategic objectives.

Many organizations undertake a range of change programs and projects. But often, they lack insight into how these activities contribute to overall business success. Not every organization has the necessary capability to manage complex, interconnected programs.

Strong portfolio management is vital for delivering a complicated, integrated set of change programs and reaching the benefits.

The Berkeley Partnership’s portfolio management consultants can help you prioritize, coordinate and control complex change at scale to achieve the strategic outcomes you want. 

Berkeley are good at keeping the prize in mind and changing course quickly and in an uncompromising manner. They realize when the approach isn’t working any more and find a way to adapt and what’s needed to do so.”

A Berkeley client

Portfolio management consultants who can align change to strategy

We can help you gain genuine confidence that your change portfolio is driving the delivery of your business strategy.

Our consultants can support you to better understand which programs link to your strategy and which KPIs and metrics you need to demonstrate success. We can help you assess your current change activity, spot any gaps, and ensure you are gaining the best return for your investment.

By partnering with us, you’ll be able to bring to life the “business case for change” at every level, ensuring hard conversations are had where needed.

A portfolio management consultancy that can help you prioritize

Effective portfolio management can be a tricky proposition when resources are scarce, whether it’s budget, people, technology, management time, vendor expertise or stakeholder capacity for change. 

Berkeley’s portfolio management consultants can help you prioritize the change you need to deliver, resolving tensions between different groups of stakeholders trying to push “their” change through at all costs. We can enable rigor, transparency and open collaboration, keeping your change agenda streamlined and focused on achieving your strategic goals. 

Portfolio management consultants who can align and support delivery

Broad ranging change portfolios often encounter interdependence challenges, such as conflicting delivery dates and their impact on program plans. Our consultants can help you to continually unearth these issues, make the connections and drive confidence in an integrated plan. We can provide the help and guidance your project teams need to resolve resource or delivery conflicts, escalate issues in the right way, and connect effectively with other parts of the organization. 

We can also identify where it’s possible to remove the interdependency burden and drive forward change activities independently from each other.

Portfolio management consultants who give you transparency and control

Good portfolio management has to offer more than just the veneer of control, going beyond multiple planning documents, traffic light reports, and status meetings. At every stage, we can help you achieve the right level of monitoring and real accountability across the portfolio to ensure successful delivery. We can work with your management teams to undertake effective horizon-scanning and decision-making to keep the portfolio on course.

A portfolio management consultancy that sets your team up for success

We place an emphasis on supporting clients to build their portfolio capability without resorting to large teams. We believe that a small high-powered team can make a significant difference if it demonstrates its effectiveness and delivers value early.

In line with this, Berkeley’s approach focuses on skills transfer from our consultants into client teams. Some of our best work has been where we’ve supported portfolio functions to strengthen their approaches and build their internal capability to manage change over the long-term.  

Organizations often say they ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ when it comes to the number of projects in motion and which ones are making a real difference. We can help you get an ‘air-traffic control’ view of how to coordinate and align all programs of change to deliver the outcomes you want them to achieve.”

Richard Marsden, Partner

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How can we build an effective roadmap to change portfolio delivery?

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