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Independent program assurance

The Berkeley Partnership can help you ask the right questions, make the right decisions and assure program success

Asking the right questions

How can you be sure your project or program is set up for success? Is it on track to deliver? How can you be confident you are making the most of the time, money and effort you are investing? Whether you’re mobilizing a project in the heat of delivery, or pushing to realize the benefits of a major investment, The Berkeley Partnership can help.

The Berkeley Partnership's approach and management of key stakeholders as well as bringing them through the journey stood out as exceptional. Their professional, controlled approach and the ability to understand the issues and organization in a relatively short time frame were really key benefits of the team's involvement.”

Head of IT Transformation, a financial services company

Helping you make the right decisions

Making the right decisions at every stage of a major project is critical to either pave the way to success, or cause risks to delivery that could resurface with serious consequences later down the line.

Too often, managers and sponsors will commission Independent Project Assurance Reviews only once things have started to deteriorate through poor project delivery management. While intervention at this stage can still be helpful, and projects can usually get back on track, the process is often painful and costly.

Management consultants delivering complex change

As an experienced management consultancy, The Berkeley Partnership know first-hand what it takes to deliver complex change and that keeping an intricate project and program delivery on track not only requires depth of knowledge but constant care and attention.

We recommend building project delivery management and assurance into programs from day one. We believe that gentle guidance from an experienced and steady hand can be an effective way to ensure your project progresses smoothly, avoiding potential pitfalls further down the line

Project delivery consulting with broad and deep assurance

When undertaking independent program assurance reviews, The Berkeley Partnership helps organizations evaluate ‘in depth and 360 degrees’, taking into consideration everything from the business issues and objectives, to the technology, people, plans and commercial incentives. We then work to distill what’s really important – identifying the root causes amongst the noise and getting to the heart of what’s needed to effect lasting change. 

Practical and constructive project delivery consulting

Our pragmatic and positive project delivery management and consulting approach enables us to gain the trust of our clients quickly, helping us to build rapport and develop long-lasting relationships. We recognize and highlight the achievements of each team, while providing straight-talking constructive guidance on what you can do to tackle issues and help secure a successful outcome. 

Working alongside you to assure success 

The Berkeley Partnership works collaboratively with you and your team from start to finish to ensure depth of understanding and involvement at all stages. Findings and recommendations are presented early to mitigate the risk of unwelcome surprises. With action plans developed alongside and truly owned by your team, you can move on swiftly from being confident about what to do, to actually doing it. 

Our people bring deep management consultancy and project delivery management experience hard earned at leadership roles on large scale and complex projects and programs. We work in alignment with you to provide sound judgement and act as trusted advisors during your most complex challenges. 

Drawing on deep experience of shaping and delivering complex change, we work quickly and closely with our clients to assure the delivery of their most challenging and important investments. Our approach is rapid, fair, and insightful, and results in findings and recommendations that are always practical and actionable.”

Alasdair McGregor

Clients often ask us…

Question 1

How can I get my project back on track?

Question 2

How can I be sure my program is set up for success?

Question 3

How can I make the most of the time, money and effort I’m investing in transforming my business?

Question 4

How do I keep sight of what I’m trying to achieve?

Question 5

What’s the best way to build an effective roadmap to delivery?

Question 6

What sort of governance do we need?

Question 7

How do we understand the interdependencies involved in this change program?

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