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Come and find out what makes working at Berkeley so different from other consulting firms.

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We're looking for passionate, dedicated and talented consultants. We don’t recruit for functional expertise or industry specialism, but for core consulting skills and adaptability. You'll be someone who thrives in a collaborative environment and is driven to deliver great results for the client.

Not sure if you should apply? Two of our people, Arun and Begoña, share why they made the move and how they found their first 100 days at the firm.

First 100 days at Berkeley
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First 100 days at Berkeley

Arun:  My name's Aaron Verma, and I joined 100 days ago. 

Begoña: My name is Begoña Tomás, and this is my 100th day. 

Arun: I came here for a fresh start, a challenge, and really to be tested. And I've got that and way more. 

Begoña: Before joining Berkeley, I used to work for a massive global company. When I came back from my second maternity leave, I started to feel quite lost, and thought that it wasn't for me anymore. This is when Berkeley contacted me, and the rest is history. 

Arun: When I first joined the firm, I spent two weeks getting to know people. What that literally meant was going for breakfast and lunches and meeting as many people as possible. After that, I was introduced to my first client and started my first client project. What really took me aback was the nature of the relationship I have with that client from day one. They know who we are, they know what we do, and they trust us. 

Begoña: So before I was very much focused on doing workplace technology transformations, which was really good. Here at Berkeley, so far I've done an MSP transition, I'm also doing a change strategy. And this is very different to anything that I've done before. I am a working mum, I have two little girls, so I don't have too much time. However, one of the things that I've joined is the Women at Berkeley Network. So we do a lot of events which are focused on women only and I love that. 

Arun: There's so much to get involved in here. Whether, like me, you want to join the football or running club, whether you're interested in the theatre club, book club... Or, my personal favorite, the whiskey and wine club. There's stuff for everyone. To top it off, the firm also takes everyone away for one weekend a year. And we recently had our away weekend in Tenerife.

Begoña: So, Berkeley has definitely delivered on my work life balance requirements. I also have a challenging role where I feel engaged and I feel like I'm learning. So yeah, everything is working out great. 

Arun: A 100 days in, it's delivered way more than I could have expected. I've met some great people, worked on some really interesting projects, and really feel like I've got the challenge, push and stretch that I was desperate for when I took the job. Find out more about your next move.

We are not currently hiring management consultants but if you’d like to submit your CV to us we will keep it on file for any relevant roles that open up in the future.